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Camping in Beaumaris

The Royal Borough of Beaumaris is the former county town of the island of Anglesey and is located in the commote of Dindaethwy (and historic rural deanery of Tindaethwy) on the shore of the eastern entrance to the Menai Strait - the tidal waterway separating Anglesey from the coast of North Wales.

Notable buildings in the town include the castle, a courthouse built in 1614, the fourteenth century St Mary's parish church, the town gaol and the 14th century Tudor Rose - one of the oldest original timber-framed buildings in Britain and the Bulls Head Inn, built in 1472, which General Thomas Mytton made his headquarters during the "Siege of Beaumaris" during the second English Civil War in 1648. The hill leading north from the town "Red Hill" is so named from the blood spilled in that conflict.

Kingsbridge Caravan Park

Open March - October | 98 Pitches

Kingsbridge is family owned and operated by the current owners since 1999. We have established a base of regular customers who know they can be assured of repeatable standards. The park is surrounded by farmland and road noise is minimal.

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